Sunday, June 17, 2012

Baby Dolls

There are those moments in your life when you just look at your child in amazement and wonder how such an incredibly precious creature came out of you.  LH is always full of wonderful surprises and is at a very fun (if trying) age.

What I really get a kick out of is seeing how she interacts with her baby doll.  I've always thought that you can tell something about parents just by watching the behavior of their young child.  Well LH simply lavishes her love on this poor, bedraggled doll.  Whether it's gently laying her down in a basket and rubbing her head so she'll go to sleep or carrying around patting her back or strapping her into the high chair and giving her water from her own sippy cup, LH just mothers this little doll to death.

And then there are the times when she is very clearly NOT modelling her behavior after us.  We have never thrown her to the ground, stepped on her, or used her as a comfy chair.  We have never bitten her or strangled her with her headband.  And we most certainly have never tried to stick her in the garbage.

But it's those nice moments when she is being such a mensch that really get at me.  I can't help but be a proud mama when I see how sweet and loving and caring my little girl is.  She can only be learning her behavior from N and me (as I am a stay at home mother) so it's so nice to see that she's picking up on all the right things.

Now we just have to convince her that I'm not a trampoline, either....

Friday, June 1, 2012

Busy Times

I haven't been on here to post in a month.  I have been so busy with so many other projects, work, finding a place to move, etc. that I simply haven't had a chance to write things for myself.  Mostly the only writing I do nowadays is writing that pays, even if it is only a small amount.

So yes, I've been busy.

You know something that really annoys me?  When people are hypocritical.  I'm sure that I am also guilty of this offense at times, but I try not to be.  I have a friend who gets angry at me when I'm too busy to call or get together, but when she's too busy it's not a problem.  You see, I wouldn't see it as a problem if she didn't see my busyness as a problem, but she does so I do.  If that made sense.

A different friend lent me Philip Pullman's "His Dark Materials" trilogy recently.  I've read the first book before and liked it, but never continued on with the series.  Let me tell you, it's worthwhile.  I just started the third one last night and I'm very excited to see what happens with it.  The second one left off at a major cliffhanger and I'm just itching to see what becomes of everyone.

Okay, so there's really no point to this post.  Just a bunch of rambling on and on, and if you're still reading then I apologize.  Heck, even I'm bored at this point!

Okeydokey, no more torture.  Have a good weekend!