Wednesday, May 22, 2013

24 weeks, yay viability!

Well I'm 24 weeks today.  For all you HGers out there, you know how important this milestone is: viability.  All of the suffering, all of the misery, and if something goes wrong now - there's still a chance that you can get a live, healthy baby out of it.  So yay.

At any rate, I'm actually doing fantastically well.  I make a poor excuse for a woman with hyperemesis at this point. :)  It just goes to show that if you get proper medical care from the beginning and if you know to fight for what you need, then things can go a lot better.

I'm rapidly gaining weight (I expect to return to my pre-pregnancy weight within the next few weeks), I'm regaining lost muscle (catching up on five months of housework will do that), and I'm able to be more active in my daughter's life.  Although I still have to be careful about what I can eat, I CAN EAT.  Yesterday my husband was standing there looking at me devouring a small plate of food and he told me how much he loves seeing me eat.  I love it too, as does the fetus. :)

My tummy is still teeny-tiny, but I'm pretty sure that I just carry small no matter how the pregnancy is going.  We had an anatomy scan two weeks ago that showed a perfectly healthy child with long arms, long legs, and HUGE feet.  Seriously, huge is not an exaggeration here.  The feet were 4.5 cm long at 22 weeks gestation.  Now pull out a ruler and see how big that is.  Keep in mind that the baby was probably about the length of an ear of corn at the time, so now think about that proportionately.  Huge.  Feet.

I'm daring to hope at this point that I am completely past everything and that there is no looking back from here, but I know that I may get sick again as the pregnancy progresses.  For the moment, though, despite the limitations and the issues that I still have, I am going to wholeheartedly pretend that I am having a fluffy pregnancy.  I always wanted one of those. :)

On a sad note, I am praying for all those who were in the tornado's path in Oklahoma earlier this week, for those who lost their lives, those who lost loved ones, those who were injured, and those who came through unscathed but without a single piece of clothing to their name except the shirt they escaped in.  I can't imagine what the parents of those nine little angels are going through right now.  I hope that they are able to find some peace and comfort down the line.