Monday, April 8, 2013

18 weeks and slightly less miserable

I know that it's been forever since I wrote anything here, and you'd think that while I'm suffering from this oh-so-wonderful malady would be the perfect time to tell you all exactly how it is.  Truth be told, I keep thinking of posts to write, and then when it actually comes down to it I decide not to.  It's depressing enough to be going through all of this; I don't always want to also be hashing it out in words on the internet.

So let's just say this.  Life has been super super sucky, but I'm starting to improve.  The Brownie is perfectly healthy and growing very nicely (is actually measuring about a week ahead, and since there was some question as to my dates to begin with, now I am thoroughly confused about how far along I am).  I have an itty bitty tummy poking out of my bony body.  While I am managing to eat and drink enough to keep going, I have been completely unsuccessful at putting on any weight, and so I am still at -10kg (-22lbs) from where I started.  Lovely.

I'm working pretty much full time to what I usually do, but since I work from home and can work in bed, that's no biggie in the grand scheme of things.  Our bank account is looking pretty sad because at the beginning I really couldn't work at all, plus of course zofran takes a big chunk out of it every month.  Oh, zofran.  How I love you.

I went to the doctor last week for a regular check up, and she sent me straight on to an emergency center for hydration (a lovely relative decided to share a stomach virus with me).  One blown vein and one bag of IV fluids later, my urinalysis came back exactly the same as before the fluids.  And they discharged me anyways.  I don't really know why they sent me home like that, as I'm still struggling to make up the lost fluids now, almost a week later.  Oh well, I have survived and shall continue to do so.

So that's a quick summary.  I have very little desire to go ahead and detail my living hell while I'm still living through it.  Afterwards it can be therapeutic, but during it just makes me feel worse.  I am NOT doing this again any time soon....

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