Monday, April 16, 2012

No More Milk???

Sadness has come over this household: my milk supply suddenly disappeared.  One day we were doing just fine, and the next I'm running on empty.  I know that breastfeeding all the way until 18 months is quite an accomplishment and I really am proud of myself, especially seeing how LH thrives on my milk.  The thing is, neither of us were ready to give it up quite yet.

It's been a rough few days so far, with no signs of my milk supply returning, despite my best efforts.  LH is taking it really hard, and I can't blame the kid.  I didn't prepare her for this.  It wasn't the gradual, baby-led weaning I was planning on.  She just had to quit cold turkey.

And just when I finally got around to converting my regular bras into nursing bras, too...

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