Sunday, February 5, 2012

Baby wipes

I love baby wipes.  They are one of the most amazing inventions ever.  Spill something on your white shirt?  No problem, whip out a wipe.  Blood, poop, wine, food?  All magically gone with the help of a wipe.

I have recently expanded my use of baby wipes.  They used to be just for L.H.'s butt or other baby-related cleanups, but the other day I accidentally pulled out a wipe when I meant to take a napkin to clean something up.  It did such a good job that I just kept going.  My most recent baby wipe awesomeness came when I decided to clean my stove with them.  Who would have ever thought to clean the stove with a baby wipe?

Under our kitchen sink we have various cleaners, especially one that is specifically supposed to do good work on stoves, counter tops, and ovens.  It works okay, although there is still some scrubbing involved.  Then I tried my trusty old wipes and voila - everything was gone!  No more oil, spilled things that are hardened and cooked on, splashes, dust - nothing.  Everything came right off without me even needing to work at it.

True, it left my stove kind of streaky and true, it seems a little weird to clean my kitchen with the product that I usually reserve just for poopy butts, but hey - it's cheap and it works wonders.  Baby wipes are my new hero.

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