Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Because parenthood is all roses

I was recently reading a blog post about some of the less…joyful…sides of parenthood, and found myself clutching my belly with helpless laughter - which is why I was so surprised when, as I read through the comments, I found one mother who was less than pleased.  "Shame on you," she wrote.  Apparently motherhood should be all roses and happy times, according to her, lest we put someone off of having children.  And what about those people who are struggling with infertility?  G-d forbid that they should find out there are hard parts to being a parent. 

I think that anyone who praises parenthood as perfectly lovely, heavenly, easy, or whatever else should be shot. While I wouldn't trade being a mother for anything, you'd have to be blind not to see that such a blessing comes with its (many) challenges.  There's nothing sweeter than your baby coming up and giving you a hug and a kiss.  And there's nothing more frustrating about her then going to the other room, peeing on the floor, and playing in it.  Although I must admit, I laughed my head off at her pee party before popping her into the bath.

Anyone considering having children must know that there are bad times that come with the good.  Otherwise, one of those bad times will hit and they will simply despair.  It's great and all if you love your baby for taking off a poopy diaper and smearing it all over your brand new white cloth couch, but it's important that people also know that you're allowed to be annoyed about it and that you're allowed to share that annoyance with other people.

So to the mother who said "shame on you" - I'm glad that you see parenthood as an endless stream of happiness and good things.  But some of us don't, so don't go getting annoyed at us when we're just trying to let off a little steam and get a good hearty laugh at the same time.

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