Sunday, January 15, 2012

Book Review: Just One More Swim by Caroline Pitcher and Jenny Jones

This book is another gem that my sister sent to me.  While the story line is just fine (two polar bear cubs learning about their environment, gaining confidence, and becoming free spirits), the real beauty of this book is in its illustrations.

Each page is filled with a canvas painting with gorgeous hues and soft, flowing lines.  My favorite part, I think, is the fish that mama bear catches after digging a hole through the ice.  It is painted in a whole different color scheme from the rest of the page, and stands out in joyful contrast.  You can almost imagine the little creature wriggling in her paws, trying to get free.  Sometimes I pick up the book and just look at the pictures because they are so wonderful.

Ima rating: four out of five for the story, six out of five for the illustrations.
L.H. rating: three or four out of five.  She got this book at the same time as Spoon, which she is completely obsessed with, so it's hard to tell what she really thinks of it.

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