Sunday, January 15, 2012

Book Review: Sesame Street's Lots of Opposites

This book was a gift from N.'s aunt, and L.H. immediately fell in love with it.  I was surprised at first (actually, I still am) because it seems like it is aimed at an older crowd, like 2-3 years.  Even so, it is one of her favorites so I won't argue with her.

The book teaches all sorts of opposites, using dialogue between the beloved Sesame Street characters.  I wish I was better at voices so that I could actually make each character unique, but again - L.H. couldn't care less.  I think that some of the pages are quite complicated, but overall they do a good job of portraying some difficult concepts on little board book pages.

Ima rating: four out of five, for a slightly older child
L.H. rating: definitely five out of five

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